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Engagement Rings

Every engagement requires two things: a thoughtful proposal and a beautiful ring.

amethyst heart engagement ring

We can’t help you organise a string quartet or a bed of roses or whatever else you have planned for when it comes time to pop the question (sorry!), but we can you help create a stunning custom designed engagement ring that will melt your partner’s heart.

As a small, local business, we’re proud to offer our clients an intimate and personal experience from beginning to end, and a service to suit every budget. Every relationship is special in its own way, and we’re dedicated to crafting engagement rings that symbolise the unique bond you share with that special someone.

Send us an email at, give us a call on 09 473 5299 or pop into our North Shore jewellery studio to discuss your plans. We can’t wait to work with you!

Understanding the engagement ring design process

 solitaire diamond engagement ring SilverStone Jewellery  

Perhaps the biggest benefit of opting for a custom engagement ring rather than a store-bought variant is that it can be handcrafted to your exact specifications. If you have a clear picture in your head of what you want the ring to look like, there’s every chance that we can help you bring your vision to life and create a timeless piece of jewellery that is unique in every sense of the word.

Of course, not everyone has an engagement ring design drawn up in their head - and that’s where Alex comes. With more than 30 years of experience to draw from, master jeweller Alex is an endless source of design ideas and inspiration, and will guide you through the process of creating a ring that tells the story of the love you and your partner share.

What steps are involved in creating a handmade engagement ring?

handmade sapphire and diamond platinum engagement ring SilverStone jewellery

The journey to crafting the perfect engagement ring is different for everyone, but a rough blueprint of the process might look something like this:

  1. Book a consultation with us.
  2. Start collecting images of ring designs you like (Pinterest never fails to deliver!).
  3. During your consultation, we’ll explore these images, discuss you and your partner’s tastes and incorporate various design elements into one single ring design.
  4. You decide on the metals (yellow gold, white gold, platinum, and the caratage of the metal).
  5. You decide on the gemstones (diamonds are classic, of course, but there are other options).
  6. We take your ring size and a deposit for security.
  7. Our master jeweller handmakes your engagement ring, a process that typically takes about four weeks.
  8. We have your ring independently valued by GemLab.
  9. You come and collect your fabulous new ring!

Where can I get a custom engagement ring in Auckland?


Conveniently located on Auckland’s North Shore, the SilverStone Jewellery studio features a fully equipped workshop and is open 9am-7pm Monday to Friday, plus Saturday 9 - 4pm. Our master jeweller, Alex, is a fully qualified goldsmith jeweller and has been creating stunning engagement rings for happy couples for more than 30 years. Make an appointment by giving us a call on 09 473 5299 or emailing us at

Every love story is different. We take immense pride in playing a small role in that story as our clients take their first steps into a new chapter of their lives.

Congratulations once again!

Sharing stories

Alex and I love what we do - creating beautiful jewellery to help people celebrate the important milestones in their lives. Every person and every piece of jewellery we make has a story behind it and we LOVE hearing those stories - of love, of passion, of celebrations.
Sometimes we are privileged to meet people who are happy to share their stories with us on our website - we recently made engagement rings for two wonderful couples that have come to mean a great deal to us - here are their stories - hope you enjoy.

Halee and Rui's engagement - a story of love and friendship and a life of purpose and passion

Halee and Rui engagement 2012

Halee and I are both part of an intentional community in a lower economic region in the Mount Roskill suburb. We live with a group of passionate people whom some have given up their careers to live relationally and work locally with our immediate neighbours, in the local schools and with the youth. Over the years they have become some of our closest friends.

Halee and I got engaged on a rustic jetty overlooking a lake in Bethells. We are excited about the prospect of starting a family in hard neighbourhoods not so different from Roskill and out of the common love we have for God and for each other, provide a place belonging for young people in an increasingly isolating culture.

When looking for a jeweller, my categories for consideration were for one who is without individual agenda, who is approachable and personal, and most importantly who deeply loved their craft. As a student of architecture and practitioner in art, I was very impressed with both the final outcome and design and production process.

Alex was quick to answer my sometimes meticulous questions and quenched my curiosities for his workshop, the subtleties I deeply appreciated. When asking for changes to take place, Alex rose to it happily. When given a concept sketch foreign to what he had done before, he optimistically offered a clever way to resolve the structural weave with thin strips of gold and hidden welding.

SilverStone Jewellery were very flexible with my budget constraints and in the end completed a ring valued for almost a grand more than what I paid for.

I have never doubted Alex'a ability as a craftsmen and both Halee and I are stoked with his work. Halee couldn't stop giggling when I proposed.

We are amazed at both the craftsmanship of the ring and Alex's optimism in rising to the challenge of realising a thoroughly unorthodox design.

I recommend SilverStone Jewellery to both creative individuals and people who want high quality handcraft jewellery.

Good work.
Rui & Halee, Auckland, January 2013
sapphire and diamond handmade engagement ring c 1
This beautifully artistic ring was designed by Rui who worked intensely with Alex to produce a ring that is beautiful, highly individual and speaks voloumes of his love for Halee.The initial specifications went into great detail about what Rui wanted to achieve and gave us very clear direction.

The metal is 18ct yellow gold, the centre stone is a claw and bezel set Ceylonese sapphire, there are 8 tab and grain set diamonds of good commercial quality. The ring was handmade by Alex, the stones set by a qualified setter who we ahve been working with for many years and the ring was independantly valued by GemLab.

Rui's notes:

The work of the ring produced by the artist is essentially embodied in the main idea, that of the weaving and the coming together of two cultures, mutually supporting each other in symbiosis.
What I like is the idea of the craftsmanship and the seeming ability to make flax out of gold - the notion of materiality, texture and the natural weave gesture is what I would like to have in the final outcome of the ring.
There is to be one feature stone with small diamond sub features in the cavities of teh weave - it would be ideal to have these appear natural, like jewels accidentally caught in the process of weaving.

Emma and Mark, dear friends of ours, united in love

WOW - just 18 months and I’ve met my soul mate, fallen in love, got engaged and created a ring - THE ring!

The Cast

Emma, Mark and the Matchmaker!

The Meeting

We didn’t speak on the trip to National Park, we didn’t speak on the bus to the bottom of Tongariro, we didn’t speak on the climb up the mountain. At the top of teh mountain my best mate Paula (The Matchmaker) ordered me to talk to her, so on the descent we started walking together and the conversation started.  AT LAST!!!

Falling in Love

A lot of time was spent traveling 40min between our homes and chatting on Facebook (every night , all night and every morning before work) we knew we were right for each other and moved in together at the start of the year.

The Engagement

With a slight hangover after Emma’s Birthday, relaxing at home just chatting away, talking about having a celebration when Em’s Dad comes over from the UK. It occured to me that what I was talking about and what I really wanted was to Marry Emma so the question was asked & the answer was YES!

truly madly deeply 1
The Ring

There was no question that Lori & Alex at SilverStone Jewellery were always going to make our ring so we booked in to see them on the Thursday after the proposal. Emma couldn’t wait so it was off to the mall to check out what the stores were selling and to get some idea of what we liked but we got more of an idea of what we didn’t like.

So with this information we headed to see Lori & Alex at their onsite fully equipped studio in Torbay, Auckland and what a wonderful design experience we had looking at magazines and talking it through we came up with a design that we were all very happy with - whilst sipping on champagne and eating some yummy nibbles - what a very personal experience!

Lori then priced up the rocks for the creation and once the ok was given, the diamonds were purchased. The next step was for Alex to make the silver mock-up of the ring for Emma to try on which was perfect - nothing needed to be changed.

We then had to wait three whole weeks (it felt like months for Em) for the ring to be made, diamonds set and valuation done. During this time Lori had me chose a beautiful rimu ring box with our names, date of the proposal and the title to “our” song “Truly Madly Deeply” embossed on the lining.

The night finally arrived and we got to the SilverStone Jewellery showroom Alex gave me the ring to give to Emma. The ring was amazing everything was perfect and the reaction from Emma was perfect as well, buckets of tears flowed not only for the ring but for the surprise of the ring box as well.

Lori & Alex did such a wonderful job for us. The experience was so relaxed friendly and loving and the result is amazing.

Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Love from

Mark & Emma, Auckland 2012

Engagement Mark Emma 1

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