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SilverStone Jewellery - Auckland manufacturing jewellers 

  • Designing and creating custom made special occasion gold jewellery

  • ​Repairs, ring resizing, and remodeling old gold

  • Stocking an extensive range of sterling silver jewellery

  • ​Wedding band rings and engagement rings


Lori Trigwell SilverStone Jewellery Auckland(copy)

Hi, I'm Lori owner of SilverStone Jewellery.

I am delighted to share our range of fabulous and unique jewellery designs with you.

My aim is to make shopping online for sterling silver jewellery as easy and pain free as possible. When you visit our website, I like to think it's like visiting a friend: enjoyable, memorable and fun.

Our money back guarantee - 14 days right of return if you don't LOVE the piece you bought online, plus our comprehensive guarantee means you can shop online with us with confidence.

Whether at your desk top computer from the comfort of your home or office, or out and about on your smart phone or tablet, the experience should be awesome. If you have any questions or want more information we are just a phone call or email away.

Being married to a jeweller is great! I get to see all the pieces being made right before my eyes, seeing the delight when a client comes to collect their special piece makes my day!

Our family

My husband, Alex and I have three lovely children. A son, 27, and twin daughters who are now 14.

Our son is a freelance content writer and uses the freedom this gives him to indulge in travel, frequently around South East Asia travelling and writing, he is home for a while now which is wonderful.

Our twin girls are 14 years old and will be in year 10 at college this year. They certainly appreciate what it means that Mum and Dad have a jewellery business - they have silver rings, silver chains and white gold bangles! We are steadily adding to their jewellery collection, with the latest being a half heart gold necklace for each of them, that locks together as one heart. Alex made it for them for their graduation from intermediate school and presented it to them on the night of the school dance.

We host international students as well which makes for a full, vibrant lifestyle - thank goodness Alex can cook as well as make fabulous jewellery!

Our home and studio

We live in Torbay on the North Shore of Auckland, near Long Bay beach.
We have a fully equipped jewellers workbench including a studio for you to come and see us and discuss your jewellery requirements. We offer a full jewellery service including all jewellery repairs, resizing of rings in silver or gold and offer a gold remodelling service - all without sending your valuable jewellery offsite.

If you can't find what you want online please contact us, it may be that we have it in stock as we have a lot more jewellery that never makes it online or we may be able to design and make a special piece for you.

I have always said that I will be making jewellery until I can no longer hold the tools in my hand


Alex Achmad manufacturing jeweller Auckland SilverStone Jewellery(copy)

Hi, I'm Alex, fully qualified manufacturing jeweller. 

have worked with precious metals and stones for more than 25 years. While I continue to work in gold and platinum, diamonds and rubies, I also make and design many of our sterling silver jewellery range that you see on our website. 

Where am I from?

It's a question I get asked a lot. I was born and raised in Malang, a town in East Java, Indonesia, I grew up surrounded by a large family that is hugely artistic, including architects, clothing designers, musicians and more - it seemed inevitable that I would follow suit and find my passion in creating.

When did I come to NZ?

I immigrated to New Zealand in the late 1970's and am pretty much a kiwi, although I still eat rice every day!
When I arrived in NZ I couldn't even cook rice, but quickly discovered a love of cooking Indonesian foods and now love cooking dinner for friends and family.

Over the years I have learned to tone down the chili when cooking although for me, there's no such thing as 'too hot', I can still eat whole chilies, I even grow my own, right here in Torbay.

When did I become a jeweller?

I worked various jobs when I first arrived in NZ but once I discovered jewellery making in the early 1980's, I was hooked and haven't wanted to do anything since. I started, as all jewellers do, by cleaning up casting work, but it wasn't long before I was making master designs and creating one off pieces - still my passion.

I love working from home as it gives me the flexibility to meet with clients when it suits them, and it means I am available to go to all my kids sports events and be here when they come home from school.
Perfect work/life balance.


Designing and creating

While I love the modern clean lines in the jewellery fashions that you see in the latest European jewellery magazines, you will always see shades of my cultural heritage coming through in my work. I continue to explore and create jewellery that reflects my adopted homeland, at the same time creating pieces that celebrate my adopted country. I have recently released some lovely New Zealand jewellery designs - including a silver koru ring and a solid silver koru pendant.

As well as making some of our silver range, I am responsible for most of the design work - this work is then carried out by artisans in my home country, Indonesia - this is my way of helping out and giving back to the communities over there. We work closely with the teams that make our jewellery, ensuring not only that the quality of the work exceeds our customers expectations but that the working conditions and lives of the workers are not compromised.

I travel to Indonesia every couple of years to meet with the workers and discuss new designs, we are in touch regularly but nothing beats sitting down with them face to face.

I would love to meet with you, give us a call 09 473 5299 or email us, if you have jewellery that needs repairing, rings that need resizing, jewellery that needs making - I'd love to help you. 
Alex Achmad Manufacturing jeweller

Customer service

+64 9 473 5299
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